With unparalleled customer service as our overriding objective, a batching plant has been established at our main operations centre in Jet Park, Johannesburg, to satisfy customer requirements, speedily and efficiently.

Our Johannesburg plant is well positioned to supply customers in South Africa, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The batching plant, which uses locally sourced chemicals, ensures that product is available when customers need it.  With considerable amounts of material kept in stock, there are no long lead times and Normet’s products can be used in any hand-held operation or machine.


Our line of construction chemicals cover the following areas:

Normet Mining Chemicals


Normet has the full package of shotcrete solutions for ground support; covering sprayed concrete, injection systems for rock stabilisation, as well as reinforcement systems for high deformation conditions.

Together with sprayed concrete, grouting and injection technologies and products, Normet offers the D-Bolt system for active rock reinforcement.

The D-Bolt represents a new generation energy absorbing wetmixbolt system, specifically designed for efficient and reliable rock reinforcement, in both squeezing and burst-prone strata conditions.

Normet Tunnelling Chemicals


Our range of pre- and acrylic gels, acrylic grouts and polyurethanes are applied universally to prevent water ingress, or to consolidate weak and fractured rock or soil conditions.

Normet Readymix & Precast


Normet offers a complete range of admixtures of all types and grades of pumped, poured and sprayed concrete. The range includes high-range water reducers, plasticisers and state-of-the-art superplasticisers, where long-term durability and ultra-high early or ultimate-strength finishes are required, as well as a wide range of speciality mixtures.

Normet Rehbilitation & Maintenance Chemicals


Normet offer a complete range of materials for the civil construction, underground construction and general building sectors. For over 30 years the TAM brand has been prolonging the operational life of structures worldwide through the use of high build mortars, epoxy resins, spray mortars, epoxy mortars and a full range of polyurethane based resins.

Normet Ground Engineering Chemicals


Normet has been actively involved in ground engineering works worldwide for over 30 years, both manufacturing and supplying specialist chemical resins and grout to the mining, building and civil engineering industry.

Normet Watertight Structures & Products


Our watertight solutions are guaranteed to waterproof all types of structures, foundations and tunnels, including integral treatment products, construction and movement joint systems, surface-applied penetrative treatment, liquid-applied coatings, sheet membranes and water plug products (TSL).