Normet offers the most complete range of products for mining and tunnelling. Our offering consists of solutions for the following underground customer processes:

Normet Concrete Spraying


The trend in application equipment is towards using self-propelled mechanised and automated spraying systems that deliver high productivity, superior operator safety and outstanding quality.

Normet has been designing and manufacturing mobile sprayers for the past 40 years and these have been supplied to mining and tunnelling customers around the globe.

Normet sprayed concrete systems are widely popular where long-life finishes are required. The product range varies from mining Spraymecs with a 6m practical vertical reach, to tunnelling Spraymecs with a 15m vertical reach. All Spraymec models are available with an electro- or diesel-hydraulic configuration and an optional on-board compressor.

For smaller diameter tunnels and shafts the right choice would be the NorStreamer 30 electric stand-alone sprayed concrete pump with a smaller robotic manipulator called the MiniMec.

Normet Concrete Transport, Transmixers and Agitators


Normet offers a large range of mobile underground concrete transport equipment to meet just about every need in mining and tunnelling. Our transmixers and agitators feature different sized horizontal or inclined bowls, plus powerful engines to cope with steep inclines. All our transmixers are designed to improve safety and productivity in underground workings, while a soundproofed operator’s cab is a standard option for sprayers, transmixers and agitators.

Normet Explosive Charging


Successful drill and blast excavation in underground mines and tunnels ensures professional, productive, safe charging and blasting.

Once again, Normet has the right vehicle for the job – a range of underground explosive chargers, Charmecs, which meet the need of increasingly demanding charging processes.

Normet Charmecs are built to improve safety and productivity in underground blasting, contributing to high quality, cost-effective bulk explosive (from ANFO to emulsion explosives) charging processes.

Normet Lifts and Installations for Mining & Low-Profile Tunnelling


Utilift scissor lifts on our well-known mining carrier are designed for lifting and installations in mining and low-profile tunnelling.

Normet’s wide range of Himecs, with a large variety of platform configurations, are ideal for medium to heavy-duty load lifting and work coverage in practically any tunnel profile.

Normet Underground Transport Vehicles


Normet provides a complete range of rubber-tyred underground transport vehicles to fit all your needs. Designed for applications requiring full carrier utilisation, our Utimec range can be custom-built for any purpose, such as fuel or lubrication transport, mobile workshop, personnel transport, material transport, or as a flat bed with a crane.

The Multimec slide-on/slide-off cassette system is the ideal solution a versatile vehicle is required for a variety of uses. It features a series of different cassettes that fit on the Multimec carrier, each for a specific purpose. Just one Multimec carrier and the right choice of cassettes would provide a safe and economical underground transport system for men, materials or fuel.

Normet’s modular Variomec concept uses a carrier and interchangeable work modules: a dump kit for rock hauling, a remixer kit for concrete transport and a boom lift kit for man lifting.

For fast and comfortable personnel transport in harsh conditions the ideal solution is the Normet RBO.

Normet Scaling


Mechanisation improves both the quality of scaling and the level of safety, productivity and effectiveness — not only of scaling work, but of the entire excavation process. Normet has a family of scalers to suit your needs in the Scamec 2000 system.

Normet Semmco Product Line


Semmco Product line manufactures sprayed concrete vehicles for underground construction and mining. It is the only producer of specialized spraying robots and low profile transmixers for the application of wet sprayed concrete.

Normet Essverk Product Line


Normet Scandinavia AB (former Essverk Berg AB), located in the town of Ludvika in central Sweden, is specialized in design and manufacturing of special equipment for underground construction. Primarily the equipment is made for installation and finishing work in infrastructure tunnels, but also for mining.

Rock Reinforcement


One of our key missions is to improve the health and safety of the underground workers and improve the efficiency of its customers’ processes by saving time and money.